Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fish hat

So, here it is. the fish hat.  After much deliberation i kept knitting it in the 8ply, and it has turned out just fine.  Evidently worsted weight can refer to either 8 or 10 ply wool, depends on the country.  So while I am still unsure of which she used ( I do suspect it was an 8ply), this has turned out really well.
My son likes it so that is good.
And this is what it looks like on...

Pretty cool huh???  I am now knitting on for the shop, in shades of greens with orange.  my boss has made one for her husband in more muted tones of olive greens and browns.  I am assured he will happily wear it (wouldn't happen in this house!!LOL!).

I have not started my other fingerless glove but will do it when I have finished this other fishy hat, hopefully later today.  I will have to sit and wait for however long tomorrow while my car gets serviced so that will give me a good opportunity to make a start on it.  I had to take my son to basketball last night and sit in the cold cold stadium and all i could think about was having my lovely rainbow gloves on.  I better make a move on it!

P.S. a little word about the eyes: the original had a felt circle with crosses sewn onto them; i wanted my fish to be alive, not dead, and so, instead of felt, I used two buttons, a large white one, and a smaller black one.  Overlaying two buttons is not unusual in our shop; it can give a wonderful lift to a garment when done with nice buttons; try it; the combinations are endless. And the results can be quite stunning.


  1. The fish hat looks great. I wondered how the eyes looked so good. Thanks for the tip. I hope you get your gloves finished soon so you dont freeze!

  2. OMG Sue, it is soooo very cold here! I spent last night trying to work out how many layers of clothes I could get on to go to basketball! (not enough was the answer!)

  3. What a really cute 'beanie' Karyn, so much fun to wear I assume. Eyes look great too, good idea. I like the colours you've used here, but imagine the shop sample is going to look great too. Hope you don't freeze too much at the basketball. It's a tad warmer here, but the breeze can be chilly if you are out of the sun. Take care.

  4. What a great looking hat, your son will be noticed everywhere he goes.Good luck with glove no 2.

  5. Great hat, Karyn - brilliant, even knitting. Your turn now - on with the glove!

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