Sunday, May 20, 2012

some starts, a finish and much undoing

It has been a funny week in my house for achieving anything.  I finished hubby's socks, have finished my first fingerless glove, have started knitting a tea cosy, which I promptly undid with only a few rows done, and have begun knitting a beanie for my youngest child which is also about to be undone.

So, first things first,
my first glove looks like this:

I have to say I really really really love it!! How bright and happy are these (and i am pretty much guaranteed no-one else I come across will have a pair!). I cannot wear wool as a general rule and as these are 60% merino I fugured it was a gamble but it seems to have paid off; it feels lovely and soft and not scratchy at all. Although, as I have only got one done, I have hardly worn it for any decent amount of time.
And the second glove will be started in a different spot, colourwise.  there was wool left on the ball but not a lot and I dont want to muck around starting a fair way into the new ball and have it run out near the end and be left having to join it and have the colours not line up. So they will both be different and I am happy with that, unlike the socks that i sweated over trying to start them in the same place.

As for the tea cosy, I was making a sheep; it is in a book I love so was keen to have a go but it didn't look like I thought it should so pulled it out. I really should have persisted but the fun had gone out of it; and after planning it for ages i was disappointed. So it can sit for another day.

The beanie looks like this:
And here is where i found it:
knitty fish hat

It is so much fun I had to make it. After much discussion at work about what ply wool she had used (worsted evidently does not always mean the same thing in different places), my son chose some shades of blue and purple, very funky.  But after spending a lot of time yesterday knitting the beginning of it, it has become apparant that I am using the wrong wool and it is too small. My choices are to finish it and give it away or undo it, keep the wool for something else and start again with other wool.  I am leaning on the side of undoing it, eventhough it is a good chunk of my Saturday's work.
I am sitting here pondering though; as a smocker, we have a great term for undoing our smocking, it is called reverse smocking. I wonder if the term can be used for knitting as well, instead of undoing, can I be reverse knitting?  Sounds somewhat better!!

Speaking of smocking, I am desperate to be doing some sewing again. Nothing is stopping me except seeing all the nice wools and patterns at work and and finding more excuses to knit than to sew. 
i will be spending tuesday whipping up the vintage dress now that I finally have feedback on how the trial bodice fitted ("like it was made for her" I was told this morning).  And I do have a smocked dress in mind I want to have a play with so maybe I can cut that out at the same time as the dress. We will see.
  I am not sure how I changed from a sewer who knits to be just a knitter??  But I ache to do some sewing.
Whatever craft you are doing at the minute, I hope it is fun.


  1. Oh Karyn, I love the rainbow glove, looks smashing. I am sure nobody will even notice if they have different stripes in different places, half the fun of it anyway. The fishy beanie looks cool, and typical of something the boys would like. Sorry to hear the wool sizing was an issue.

    So glad to hear the dress is going well, and hope Tuesday sees it done. I would love to do a little smocking again too, just can't find the time at the moment. Take care and stay warm.

  2. Hi Karyn, those gloves are fantastic.

    My goodness we all seem to want more time for the things we love to do.

    I hope you find some time to sew.

  3. Karyn your glove looks wonderful. I dont think anyone would notice if you started on a different colored stripe. The fish hats look quite funny dont they. I think worsted is dk in USA terms, but I am sure if you google it they have a chart where it tells you. Good luck with the sewing too. I have been meaning to sew up some knitting project bags but havent got around to it as yet. Must get motivated again.

  4. Your glove looks very colourful like a rainbow and i love the fishy hats.

  5. The glove is absolutely fabulous. I think different is as it should be for the second one. You will have to wear them when driving and wave to everyone!

    I think it is odd that as the weather turns cool it is hard to resist knitting ahead of sewing. Is this habit or now programmed into our genes?