Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just for me

While my family was out on Saturday having fun without me, this is what I got up to:

It is a raggy edge quilt, usually just two layers of flannel back to back, sewn together in squares with the edges left exposed.  i have wanted to do one for ages and yet, even with 300 bolts of flannel in the shop I couldn't find anything I like.  Amazingly, I found a tutorial for this quilt here, and got an inspiration happening. I like this one as it has batting in the middle so it is thicker and warmer. And I must have walked into work with fresh eyes as i had no trouble finding exactly what i wanted, and it had all been there the whole time!!
 Because I then had to quilt each block before putting it together, it took more time than the traditional one but i do like the results.
The edges look like this:
I told my children in no uncertain terms that it was MY quilt, and they were NOT to use it, and so, it came as no surprise whatsoever an hour after it was finished and i was happily snuggled under it in my armchair that my youngest (13yr old) climbed in under it, on my knee.  He is quite small and hasn't hit his growth yet, so i treasure these cuddles knowing they cannot possibly go on for much longer. 
i never for even a minute thought they would obey my command (they knew it wasn't for real), but I did think i might get it to myself for longet than an hour.  LOL!!!
I took it in to a very cold basketball stadium, against my eldest son's wishes last night.  He might have been mortified, but I was warm, and the other mothers thought it was a very good idea!!!

So, now to what I need to be doing!  Hubby's sock is not done, at this stage, after his birthday next week he is either going to have to cut a foot off, or hop everywhere!!  I do need to get a move on with it but it wont be done on time.
And now i have also been asked to make a dress for the school musical. They want this made:

After looking at it I dont think it will be terribly difficult, but the instructions are just typed, no pictures. I do think I have it worked out for the most part, it really is quite simple once the pieces are assembled.  I have been put on notice by the Other Half though; I am not to grumble if i get halfway through it and have difficulty; he says I should say no more often (and I should) but then who would do these things?  I always feel bad that they would be left in the lurch.

Okay, housework beckons. Must go and make hay while the sun shines, as they say.  This looks like being a lovely day, the first for quite a while, so i will be making use of it and doing washing.  (What exciting lives we lead!!)

P.S. i was going to crop the first photo but it shows our old dog coming to have a sticky nose at what I was doing so I have left her in it. 


  1. Karyn, gorgeous quilt! Love the colours you've chosen. And what a lovely story about your boy snuggling underneath it with you. A moment to be treasured indeed. I too have a 13-year-old boy, but he seems to be getting bigger by the minute! He still loves a snuggle though - hope that never changes :) Best wishes, Ros.

    1. Bloom, I think I had some fantasy that because it was pink and pretty my boys would leave it alone and it would be all mine!!!

  2. Your raggedy quilt is gorgeous Karyn, I love it. Sometimes we just don't 'see' fabrics, it takes a while.......... I am sure it's extremely warm and serviceable. Good luck with the sock knitting, and laughing here [very much] thinking about your hubby with the one sock!!!

    I remember the style of dress you are making. Love those gored skirts, and lovely waists [although I'd dare not indulge myself in something like that now........]. I do hope you get it assembled with a minimum of fuss. Thinking of you, cheers.

  3. Nice quilt,it don't surprises me that your boys like it,your quilt looks very cosy.Good luck with the dress it will be fabulous.

  4. Good on you for doing the quilt. I love it. The edges look great.
    Odd socks are fashionablev- they sell them at the National Gallery so one new paired with an old favourite would be very chic.

  5. Good on you for finishing the quilt. It is fabulous, and I love the edges. Odd socks are very fashionable - they sell them at the National Gallery so pairing it with an old favourite would be very chic.
    The dress looks time consuming - is that a pocket on the side? But it looks fantastic.

  6. Jillian, do they really sell odd socks at the Gallery? How funny!

    The dress is having a first draft made today and if it fits her on Monday, I will be sewing madly on Tuesday/Weds to get it done.