Thursday, November 3, 2011

More bags

sigh, do I really need more bags?  probably not but I was chatting to Linda the other day and she pointed out a website to me that has bag patterns; bags, bags and more bags!  What a great site, with patterns that you pay for and then download; no waiting for mail to come.  So off to Keykalou i went and found some great things i couldn't do without.
i did love the clutch purse pattern, which I see Linda at Billabongs to Bling has also made.  I bought the pattern on tuesday morning and spent tuesday and Weds dreaming about some fabric we have at work that I was dying to use. So after waiting two days, off to work I went and bought the material and voila!, my new bag.

I love the stained glass fabric range we currently have in and this material just called to me. It is a little unusual though as I am a soft pink and blue girl, not hot pink and bright colours.  I am not sure what is happening in my "old" age but my tastes are definately changing.  Or maybe they aren't changing, maybe I am just more confident to wear/do what i want without worrying what others think.

What I do know is this: I have a wedding tomorrow and then another one in two weeks where i will be wearing black and silver, and this bag is going to look fabulous with that!!
I will point out quickly before i go that I wanted straps on this bag and there wasn't any in the pattern so I am joining one on. I dont want to have to hold this all night.
The pattern was great, easy to follow and the bag went together well. The only problem I had was the interfacing. Being in somewhat of a hurry to do this, I didn't have time to look around for some decent interfacing for bags so found some in a shop that was thick and nice and stiff. Great. Only the stiffness isn't the problem but the fact that it is papery so the bag isn't soft, it creases like paper and is really annoying.  it shouldn't matter as it is going to be used as a going out bag and not for every day.  I did buy more interfacing than I needed though, I was sure it would be wonderful stuff, and better than what I had used before. i think the lesson I will take out of this is that the interfacing should work better if I sew it in rather than ironing it.  Life is just a series of lessons I think and I will learn this one and hopefully get a better result next time.
I am looking forward to using this tomorrow.
And now it is back to the Christmas sewing!!!


  1. Karyn, WOW!! Now that's a bag!! I just love it. I am a strong colour girl, so it's definitely on my wanted list. Hope it 'wears' well tomorrow. Great little tabs with rings on the side. I want a strap too. Your's is so much brighter than mine, drat!! Mine is a tad softer than I'd imagined, so I will be using stiffer wadding next time. Michelle's patterns and site are just so good. Cheers.

  2. Karyn, the bag is sensational. Those colours will really suit you. I am sure this will be a favourite accessory.

  3. Your clutch is gorgeous! The stained glass fabric is wonderful.