Monday, November 14, 2011

More Dr Seuss

How can there be more you ask?  A friend asked if I would make quilts for her nephews for Christmas to which I promptly laughed and said catagorically NO!  I do love her dearly but the quilting of the Dr Seuss quilt was a nightmare, and that was before the drama with the washout pens. So i compromised (as she is a very good friend LOL!) and offered to make her a couple of cushions for her to give to her nephews.  So, in a first for me as Christmas is six weeks away my kids tell me, I did not leave it until the last minute and have done them and handed them over yesterday. Phew, that is one thing off my list (well two actually).
So here they are:

I am really happy with them and am thrilled withhow they turned out. I made the blue one first and really just made it up as i went along.  When I was finished i stood back to admire my crafting genius. Obviously DH had seen that particualr look in my eye before as I was told sternly that I was NOT to keep them LOL!  The red one came next and was easier in one way as i knew what i was doing but it was harder i that i was trying not to just use the same material as the first one.
One of the good things about this whole project is the material is left over from the quilt, except for the centre panels, the zips and the cushion inserts. 
My friend seemed quite happy with them so hopefully her nephews like them too.  They are aged two and five I think. She is going to package them up with some cat in the hat books too. A great idea I think.

The other quilt that is being made is coming along nicely (shhh it is still a secret!) and it is being sent away hopefully next week to be professionaly quilted which I am loving the idea of.  I will still have to handquilt a section in the middle; something I haven't done before.  I have decided that trying to quilt anything larger than a table runner in my normal little sewing machine is a fool's job and so I am excited to see how this goes.


  1. Hi Karyn - I just love the Dr Seuss cushions - they look stunning. And yes 41 sleeps to Christmas. I hope the quilt works out well and I'll be interested in how your hand quilting goes (I've got a hexagon quilt to hand quilt so any tips will be gratefully received.) Thank you for your kind wishes - I did quite well in our shows and I do think you might be right - people just don't think their work is good enough, but I like to see what other people are doing and creating - gives me food for thought. Cheers Karen

  2. I love the cushions Karyn! Laurel

  3. Both cushions are great Karyn. I imagine you will feel rather chuffed to have them done and moving on to something else. What lovely bright fabric, and what better way to read a Cat in the Hat book, leaning on a soft cushion!!

  4. The cushions are great - so cheerful you can't help smiling. The kids will love them.
    It's a bit hard, isn't it, blogging in the lead up to Christmas. I'm going to have a backlog to post on or after Christmas Day!