Monday, November 21, 2011

Some knitting to show you

Well i really should be finishing off some christmas presents that are almost done, but instead I bought some beautiful wool last week and couldn't resist so have been plugging away and knitting until my hands are too sore.
I am not sure if I have told you but i can't wear wool. We have some gorgeous baby alpaca where i work so I bought a skein of 2ply, hoping I could wear it and guess what: I think I can!! It is oh so soft.  it is a basic feather and fan pattern but done on 4.5mm needles so it comes out nice and lacy. i can't wait to finish it, by which time it will be well and truly Summer and it will be put away for next winter. it will be something I can look forward to.
So anyway, here it is.
The colour hasn't quite come out right but it is close enough.  On the skein all you really see is the lighter colour and I wasn't too fussed but I took the gamble. I am so glad I did as once it is knitted the darker colours ome out more and it is really lovely (i think so anyway!)

oops, just looked at the time, it is past time that i should have dinner on so off i go.  we had a wedding on Saturday, an old friend of mine (her family were very fond of saying on Saturday when I was introduced to anyone that I had known the bride for years and years; was starting to make me feel very old!! Anyway, I will get on tomorrow and share some pictures; if there are any good ones, I haven't checked yet.  It was a fun night and hey both looked very happy which is good as it was not either of their first marriages.


  1. Gorgeous colour Karyn and beautiful knitting too.

  2. Looks gorgeous Karyn, and I hope you can wear it with no problems. The colours are to die for. I love seeing all these projects you are making. You're a very busy girl these days.

  3. That yarn looks very scrummy Karyn. Feather and fan is one of my favourite patterns to knit.
    Do hope you can wear it OK. Just love alpacas, especially baby ones. Anne