Tuesday, November 8, 2011

strawberry bootees

Over the weekend I managed to whip up the strawberry bootees that are on the front of my little knitting book (yes, i do have other books, but this one is so sweet that I am slowly working my way through it).
So here they are (and aren't they simply adorable????):
I have no-one to give them to at the minute but they can sit and wait for a suitable recipient. They are oh so cute and very easy; except the flowers that require a basic knowledge of crochet which I do not have.  So a big thank you to my boss who kindly whipped these up for me. They do finish them off beautifully. 

The other thing I have managed to whip up last night is this; yes another bag. Also from Keykalou.   It is a little camera case, and I have to tell you, it fits my digital camera like a glove.  Just perfect.  I didn't make it for that however as we have a little case for our camera, but I htought it would be handy for the days when I go out just with my keys and phone.  It is sadly just a tad too small for that but my plan is to enlarge the pattern by 50% and see how that goes. 

 If the material looks familiar, it is not the same as the fabric I used for the last bag, but it belongs to the same range. The design is much smaller, making it perfect for such a small bag
 Please excuse my post today, I cannot seem to arrange the photos where i want them and it is messing up with where the text goes.  Anyway, doesn't matter i suppose.
So, this is my weekend's work, I am very pleased with both projects.
And now back to the christmas sewing I go.  The two table runners are not far from being done, the quilt I am making for the shop is also almost done (the quilting is being done by someone else thankfully). Then I need to make the quilt I am doing for a personal present; that one I will have to do. And by hand by the look of it.  Not sure if it will be done by christmas but I think the person receiving it will forgive me. 



  1. Karyn, what gorgeous bootees and the little bag is lovely too. I am always interested to see what you have been making.

  2. These projects are just way TOO CUTE Karyn.... I just love them. The booties are gorgeous. I'm envious of that fabric you are using for your bags!! I did try to get to my second Keykalou bag today, but alas, no luck. Hope all your sewing goes well in the next few weeks, busy time ahead. Cheers.

  3. I just love that stained glass fabric, it's calling to me too all the way from across the world. A lovely little bag Karyn, I feel sure it will be much admired.

    Best wishes Anne

  4. Hello Karyn
    I was just browsing when I came across your blog.
    I absolutely fell in love with these booties. They are too cute for words. I have started making baby things recently, (for my grandchild, on day...), and these will definately be a future project to tackle. Thanks for showing....