Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cute kids

Okay, okay, as my eldest son turns 15 on Saturday (where did the time go?), I guess they are not really in the "cute" catagory anymore but they were both so sweet yesterday.
They knew my plan was to lie on the couch wathcing movies so my youngest son compiled a little pile of DVDs so i would have a choice of what i wanted to watch. Then he removes one of them (The Notebook) and puts it back on the shelf saying "we dont have enough tissues left for you to watch this". Funny little bugger. I haven't watched it in front of them; i like to watch my sad chick flicks on my own and have a guilt-free sob without spectators!!  But he knows i think it is sad so back on the shelf it went! 

My eldest son's contribution was Finding Nemo which I am about to go and watch.  I am feeling much better today but have been grocery shopping this morning, by necessity and not by desire; so am going to take it easy for a couple of hours, watch a movie. Then i will be dusting off some nice clothes and going out for dinner which a very nice friend has just invited me to.  Yesterday that wouldn't have been possible but I guess we humans are resilient creatures.  So while i dont feel well by any means, I do feel better than I did and hope to continue that way, with frequent rests I imagine.
The other sweet thing was the bowl of jelly my youngest son made me the night before.  I always make them jelly when they are sick so he made one for me. Awwww, what a sweetie!

So it is off for Finding Nemo (to show my son that even though he was being a smarty pants; I will watch it anyway!!) and some jelly! 


  1. Karyn, your young men really are good when it comes to the crunch. Did you enjoy Nemo?

    I hope you have a lovely evening out and feel better tomorrow.

  2. Hope you are feeling better by now Karyn, and enjoyed all the movies, especially Nemo.....LOL. I also trust the evening out made you feel much brighter. Take care.

  3. Sorry to hear you have been unwell Karyn. Hope you are feeling much better now. How lovely your boys are!

    Enjoyed seeing your garden photos, kangaroo paw is not something we have here and I am always interested in seeing different plants.

    Dentist for me today - I have toothache!! Owww!