Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some garden pictures

I thought, in the absence of any crafting, I would show you a couple of the pretty things we have flowering in our garden.
First off is a kangaroo paw, which I am allergic to but these ones seem to be not so bad.  And as i have no plans to roll around in them, I think it will be fine.
Like many things we have planted, these have taken a couple of years to really get established. It didn't help that they were eaten quite badly after we planted them (which has happnede again to some new ones we put in not so long ago - darn rabbits).  But these ones have come up well and they are so pretty along the front of our carport.

In a recurring rabbit theme; we planted pencil pines down our driveway and left a space between each, where we alternated some dwarf lavender and some of these;

The tag says they are called dianthus but I know them as carnations.  They are looking very pretty, most have at least one or two flowers; one is covered in them.  As for the rabbits; well they have seen fit to feast on the lavender so we will have to rethink that option.
Lastly is one of our roses:

They are all looking so nice this year, but I do need to go out and do some deadheading.  I love the garden this time of year. it is alwasy so green and pretty. 

As for the lack of anything crafty; I have come down with the flu, or something like it.  I spent the weekend resting and yet still had to call in sick yesterday.  I spent yesterday on the couch which is todays plan too!  I haven't been sick in aaaages (except for my ear problems) so I am not happy! Over the weekend I wanted to knit a bootee to match the single, lonely, one that has been sitting on my table for a few weeks now. it took me all weekend to get it done, obviously my energy levels are not where they should be.  So today and tomorrow will be spent resting and then hopefully it is back to work on Thursday.  My scarf is looking good; I have almost reached halfway, and ia m really really pleased with it. But it has been put away at the minute as well.  Maybe tomorrow I can get it out and plug away on it again.

It is going to be quite warm today; over 30 degrees. I have the house opened up this morning, catching the cool early morning air.  I would much rather have the house opened up than closed but with the heat expected today the doors will be shut shortly.  It does look like being a beautiful day though.


  1. Hi Karyn - It's nice to see some colour in the garden - just hope the heat doesn't affect it greatly. Just as rabbits eat your plants, so wallabies (or roos) eat ours - so everything is surrounded by wire. Hope you're on the mend so - no fun being unwell when it's so nice outside....Cheers Karen

  2. Hi Karyn, I do hope you recover quickly. The garden pics are gorgeous -- can never have too many garden pics in my opinion.

    It is already very warm here but cloudy - love the heat though.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon Karyn. So nice to see photos of your garden. Laurel

  4. Very miserable being fluey in the heat. I love the kangaroo paws - fantastic colour and great contrast with the pinks. Hot in Adelaide today too, but a pleasant breeze just got up and is blowing through the house.

  5. Sorry to hear you are unwell Karyn, and hope you are okay today. Love the flowers, especially the rose. They are a particular favourite of mine. It is quite warm here too again today, humid as well, as storms are brewing in the WSW. We have been told to expect rain tomorrow, which will be lovely on my newly mowed lawn. Try to rest.