Tuesday, April 3, 2012

catching up

i know, i know, it has, again, been ages since I was on here last.  Life has just been busy i guess and I have been running around like a madwoman trying to keep everything co-ordinated.
It has of course caught up with me and now I have caught my son's cold, which for me has turned into full blown tonsilitis.  Today is day four with no voice, and will be yet another day of trying to get some things done in the morning and sleeping in the afternoon. 

So, just a quick run down for you on what I have achieved, other than getting sick:

Finished this:
A lovely long (just over 2metres) scarf in bamboo (80%bamboo, 20%merino). It is nice and soft and I can wrap it around, and around, and around!!

I started this:
A three month old baby cardigan in Shepherd baby 4 ply. i loved the colour and just had to knit it but unfortunately before I finished I got into a mad frenzy about socks and...

started this...
My first ever pair of socks.  They will be for Dh's birthday in May, assuming I get them done. It took me a little while to get the hang of the double pointed needles and then it was suggested i swap my slightly longer needles for these shorter ones, and they were much easier to hold in my hands. 
I do need to finish the cardigan, it is so close, I was really rather naughty for starting the socks but I got a bee in my bonnet about them so off I hurtled.

No1 son and i have just gotten back from three days away at a basketball competition where he was supposed to be umpiring.  I got sick as we were leaving so it hasn't been a fun weekend for me, spending much of it in a motel room trying to sleep.  And for my son it was a bit of a waste as they had too many referees and so they all only got three or four games a day instead of the eight or so that we have had in the past.  I am sorry but three games is not enough to justify the money it has cost us in petrol, motel rooms, food etc.  I think they need to work out how many they need and put a cap on it.  So it means that in future we will be sending him off to tournaments that are not too far away and will not incur accomodation costs.
It was good though that all the games had umpire coaches so he got feedback after every game and his umpiring will only be the better for that.  So that was a good outcome.  And i have become used to people abusing the umpires and calling them biased. It was quite amusing at one point to sit in amongst some ssupporters and hear what they had to say.  I guess you need a thick skin to do it.

And now it is school holidays. Easter this weekend. Where does the time go?  Maybe I should stop asking this question and employ my time more usefully to get the most out of it?? LOL!!


  1. Karyn, I see a bit of a blue theme happening here. Gorgeous scarf and the little cardi is going to be lovely.

    I have never knitted socks, or much else for that matter, so I look forward to seeing how they turned out.

    When I was cruising the blogs I noticed one about the shop Have left a comment.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes the bride was very tired by the time the wedding was over but she seemed to take it all in her stride.

  2. Looks like you have the knitting bug too Karyn. Have fun! I am knitting a lovely thing to fling around my neck at the moment. More than a scarf but less than a shawl. :) Laurel

  3. Your knitting all looks beautiful Karyn, and like Dian, I can see the blue thing happening.............LOL..... Hope you continue to enjoy the sock knitting. Hope you get the socks finished for HM. So sorry to hear about the umpiring debacle and hope that won't happen again any time soon!!

    Take care of yourself, and try to rest when possible. Silly weather, warm days, chilly nights. Hope your Easter is restful, and pleasant.

  4. Hope your feeling much better Karyn. I too am sick at the moment with a virus I have had for a week and doesnt seem to be going anywhere. Love your little cardigan, very cute. I am glad that you decided to try out some socks, they can become very addictive. I will have to try and pop up to the shop over the holidays!