Sunday, April 22, 2012

family reunion

My husband is from quite a large family (as opposed to mine who could all fit around a dining table).   The only time we all get together is at funerals so the last time I have seen the extended family was at my father-in-law's funeral six years ago. With family down from Townsville it seemed like a good time to all get together.  So we trooped off to the local pub, had lunch, had lots of chatting and laugher and reminiscing.  It was lovely.
After people had already left it was decided to get a group photo, so here are the ones remaining;
My husband has 22 cousins we worked out on the drive home (and five brothers), and not all of them were there but it was a big group nonetheless.  It was decided that we should do this much more often, but whether someone will organise it each year remains to be seen. 
The night ended up like this:
Standing around a HUGE bonfire at one of my brothers-in-law.  So hot, but lovely.  No roasting marshmellows next to this monstrosity!
All in all a really good day. 


  1. It looks lime my dad'side of the family with him having 4 sister and 2 brothers. Nan ended up with 33 grandchildren and I have lost count of how many great grandchildren there are now. I know there are 3 great great grandchildren. My mum's side would be bigger too but we dont keep in touch with them much at all unfortunately. Lucky you to grab a great photo!

  2. These times are so important. Terrific you got photos. They'll be precious. The fire is spectacular.

  3. Lovely photograph Karyn, and pleased to hear it was a great day. It is nice to catch up on rellies now and then, but often it is not done enough. The big bonfire looks lovely too, despite how warm it is for us at this time of the year. Lovely post, thanks.

  4. it was a shame that our photo didn't include everyone who had been there, but hopefully next time more of the cousins will come and then we can get a proper family photo; assuming we can fit everyone in of course!
    Linda, i would LOVE a bonfire today, it has been very chilly and wintery (and sadly I dressed for fashion today and not for warmth!! You would think at my age I would know better LOL!)