Sunday, April 29, 2012

more finishes

Since starting work last year I have been struggling with the work/home balance. Not just with the housework aspect but with the knitting and needlework also.  There are things i want to do for me, just for fun, and there are things I am doing for display at work, and there are problems juggling the two.  Everything takes time and i need to divide my time equally.
I have been frustrated lately, feeling like I am getting nowhere, but all of a sudden I have come up with a few finishes.  Mond you, in the strictest sense of the word, none of these are actually finished but they  are close enough to be included here:
this is my little baby cardigan; only needs buttons. I can't seem to get a good photo today of the colour but it has been on my blog before with the colours more correct.  I am really pleased at how it has turned out and I love that, through not much effort on my part, the two front bands have come out with the pattern matching.  Woohoo, I like it when things just happen!

These are three stitcheries I have done for work. I class them as finished as (as far as I know...) i am not the one making them into little soft toys.  i had fun stitching these, and must admit I like the giraffe the best.

I have also managed this week to finish my first sock.  And yes, while I have finished one sock, it isn't truly finished until there are a pair of them. But as i had never done one before, or used double pointed needles, I am going to count it as a finish.  The second sock has been started, and will hopefully be done for a gift in a few weeks.
Forgive the photo, it isn't quite clear.

And forgive my premptiveness of calling all of these finishes!  i think when things become overwhelming it is good to sit back and take stock of what has been achieved instead of dwelling on what hasn't.  I actually feel like I am getting somewhere but am determined not to begin anything else until I get a move on with the other things i have on the go. I do have some sewing planned but will have to be good and leave it be for now.


  1. Karyn, I am most impressed at the amount you achieve. Working and family and household things take time but it is important to have time to relax - that said it is not worth stressing over - if you get my drift.

    Love the cardigan & the socks. As someone who doesn't knit I am always interested in these creations.

  2. Karyn I think things are officially knitted, and then finished when buttons and things are added to them. Most of my FO's are photographed without buttons too. I love the little cardigan and the sock turned out so fantastic.

  3. Love your finishes Karyn. Hope you enjoy knitting socks as much as I do. Laurel

  4. It is so lovely to see you posting some 'finishes' Karyn. I know how satisfying it is to say finished!! You are doing such a lot and should give yourself a pat on the back. Having a job and running a household is enough, but you are doing so much more. I just love all the pieces you've shown us, and good luck with the other sock. I have to tell you, I have absolutely no interest in knitting another sock in my lifetime, so take my hat off to those who do them. Sorry I've been slow, we've been away [shopping]. Take care.

  5. I really like all of these, Karyn. The cardigan is beautiful, the yarn as well as the patterns lining up. I think the stitcheries are very attractive - I like the girl especially. The sock looks terrific. I want to get into knitting socks but have a few other things do do first! Hang in there trying to get balance in your life. It's easy for me now, but wasn't always so. Thinking about how I managed to fit in my own projects after reading this has given me an idea for a blogpost - so thanks.