Sunday, April 29, 2012

New beds

We spent much of yesterday rearranging bedrooms as hubby and I got rid of our water bed and replaced it with a matress and base ensemble, our eldest son got a new queen bed and the youngest son got the discarded single bed and now has bunk beds in his room. 
What a big day!
The water bed was my hubby's since before I knew him, but we had decided it was time to get a proper mattress. Our new one seems to be very comfortable, has one of those new-fangled "pillow-tops" on it.  So the bed is quite firm but the top layer is so soft. Lovely. The one thing i will miss is getting into a warm bed on a cold night!
I am stunned though at how high the new bed is. It comes up a lot higher than our old bed, we almost have to climb up into it. I am of, I think, average height and if I stand with my back to the bed, it is almost as high as my butt.   Very different.
Son no.1 is happy in his bigger bed, and has more room to grow.  Son no.2 likes being on the top bunk for a change; he spent years on the bottom.
So it is sweet dreams in our house now.


  1. Well, Karyn, I can imagine your family all hibernating in your new beds for the winter.

  2. As it has already been so bitterly cold, I expect it might be a long, cold winter. Hibernating sounds like a great idea!!!