Saturday, April 7, 2012

more finishes

These have both been finished for a couple of weeks now but they got forgotten and left out in my last post.

So, to continnue the blue theme (well spotted Dianne and Linda!!!!) this is something I made for fun, and because I thought my DH would hate it (he does!!) and I thought it would be funny:
A toilet doll ROFLOL!!!!! I saw a book in the shop where i work that had it in and i couldn't help myself!! 
And no, i dont usually go out of my way to annoy the hubby but this just tickled my sense of humour. 
Ignore the ribbon at the neck that is way too big, it was all I had and i thought it would do until I found some smaller stuff but I keep forgetting to look when I am out.

My other finish is not as pretty or exciting. It is this; a dishcloth...
It is made with two strands of 8ply cotton, and I have to tell you it works very well. I am very happy with it and can see some being made and put into hampers for Christmas presents.  It did take me two hours to knit, I am not sure if that makes me slow or if it is just what it would take.    I am going to make some more for here too; some in a different colour so I can use it for spills etc and it wont get mixed up with the dishcloth.

I spent part of yesterday knitting the second sleeve for the lovely little variegated blue baby cardigan.  I really want to get it done and get a move along on the socks I am knitting so i can get to some sewing that I want to do. And i really do not want to make a start on anything else until I get a finish or two out of the way. I really have too many things on the go.


  1. Very funny dolly Karyn, I think my dh would flush it. We do have to have some fun though.

    the dishcloths remind me of ones my grandmother had. You might be starting a trend.

  2. Dianne, don't suggest any flushing to DH; he might wonder why he didn't think of it!
    As for the cloths, I am not starting a trend; just following one already started. They do work really well, I was very surprised.

  3. I reckon ribbon on a toilet roll holder should be as big as possible! I bought a book recently with several washcloth patterns that I hope to try. Yours looks great.

  4. Karyn..........that little dolly thing is cute, really, and brings back memories of yesteryear, where it's probably a good place for them to stay..........LOL....... Good for you, making something just for fun. I hope it achieved the desired result. I love your little dishcloth, and have always loved garter stitch squares knitted on the diagonal. I too, have seen the handmade dishcloth trend, but I'm still lining up to put the 'chux' in the shopping lazy am I. Thanks for the little giggle, and hope your other knitting is going well.

  5. Oh I do remember those toilet roll dollies. Yours looks great. Maybe they will make a comeback. I like your dishcloth, they are so easy to make arent they.

  6. Jillian, maybe I will take your advice and leave the big ribbon on her (due more to laziness than anything else LOL!)

    Suzanne I think Linda is right; I am not so sure the dollies should make a comeback; I do think she belongs in the past!!! I think good taste prevailed when they disappeared!!!