Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not quite a show success

Late last year I made a smocked christening gown (you probably remember it), which went into a special division in my local show, which, as a winner, allowed it to go onto a regional final. Winners of the region go onto the Royal Melbourne Show.
The regional dinner and competition was on Friday in Seymour. I didn't go as i had to run kids around to basketball in Kyneton.  I got my gown back on Monday to find I had (AGAIN!!!) won second. I have I think seven seconds now and only one first from the region. (no I am not competitive; much!). 
But, after looking at the ribbon;

I noticed that it had been entered in the wrong section.  It was supposed to be in a section for a sewn garment, and instead was put into embroidery.  So I guess I have to be pleased that it won even a second prize as it does have embroidery down the front but nowhere near enough, i would have thought, to be a competitor in an embroidery competition.  So i am disappointed it was mixed up ( i really thought I had a chance this year), but it was an honest mistake and I would hate for anyone to feel bad that they had made a mistake.  Sadly i cannot enter it into the region next year, it is now ineligible, but there are other shows.

I guess i will just have to start thinking of what to do for later this year.  Out will come the sketch book while I plan (and dream!).


  1. Congratulations on the second Karyn. I used to live in Seymour, a million years ago.

    Shame about the mix up. The gown is lovely.

  2. What rotten luck! Brilliant to have come second in the wrong category. When your day comes there will be a great story in the path you took to get the ribbon.