Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the big reveal

I know I kept talking before christmas about one of the presents I was making, well now it has been handed over to the lucky lad, I can show it to you.
And it is this... (Please excuse the colour, it just doesn't do it justice, but I can't seem to get a good one that really shows it well)
The stars glow in the dark, the astronauts glow in the dark, the outline of the planets glows in the dark (etc etc etc). What really glows well is the border fabric.  I am glad my boss talked me into making it a wider border than what I was originally planning.
Yes, the fabric is from my work, and I managed to make two of these, one for the shop and one for my youngest son (just turned 13).  Who never had a clue about either one so that worked well!

This is a closeup of the centre panel; anyone having a good look will already have noticed that the centre is full of tacking stitches; it is waiting to be hand quilted, which I have started, in a teent tiny corner. is going to take me forever I think, although maybe not so long now that I am not hiding it.
And finally; the boy himself  (who was very happy with it, and I did get a couple of VERY big hugs from him)
I have to admit to having butterflies the week leading up to christmas; I put so much work in this, in the planning, designing and the stitching, and really, he is a boy and may not have appreciated it. But he likes it and is happy with it. 

It is still way too hot to be using it however!!  Cooler temperatures are on the way.


  1. Looks really great Karyn, and one very lucky lad I must say. So pleased he did like it [you never know with kids]. The colours look lovely, and the glow in the dark effect must be really cool. I suppose it won't be too long and it will be cold enough to need it. At least it will give you time to get that bit of hand quilting done. Great job getting two done too.

  2. This is really, really fantastic, Karen. I admire quilts and occasionally enter raffles for one, but have never really been tempted to make the effort, but this is something else altogether. How could a boy not love it? It is awesome - and so beautiful.