Wednesday, January 18, 2012

finally some sewing

In an effort to appease my need to sit at the sewing machine and also my inner baglady-ness, I managed to spend these last two days combining both passions, and this is what I came up with... (voila!!)

This bag was given to me by a friend a few years ago as a souvenir from a trip she made to Bali. it is great as it folds up into a neat little square.

 I have used it and used it and it has been wonderful. I found a tutorial here and so have been making my own. And this is what I came up with:



I have to tell you what I did differently. I see that at Sew Mamma Sew she lined hers (what is with the need to line bags?) but i didn't want the bulk (as with my strawberry bags), so I yet again made a casing to go around the top, and ran a French seam down the side seam.
I also have had some difficulty with the smaller size zip catching on the fabric as it folds up so the second one (with the very cute bugs and butterflies on it) has a chunky zip which I like much better. 

My original Bali bag is easy to fold into sections to put into the case but I have found with these it is just as easy to close the zip half way and then just stuff the bag in (hence the crumpled fabric!!)

Such is my bag obsession currently that I did toss around the idea just before of making a bag to put these bags into but thankfully common sense prevailed and these three will be making their home in the pocket in my car door.

Speaking of my car, my nice new, shiny blue car, this is why idiots should not get licenses:

This is what we found after the boys and I went out on a shopping expedition yesterday, in the car park.  Thankfully after I backed my car away the front grill has popped out quite nicely.  How this so-and-so did not know they had hit my car is beyond me.  You can see the bottom of my bonnet actually over their bumper, and my front grill sticks out even further than my bonnet, so they are actually in my car. 
Not happy, but I am very happy and thankful that no damage seems to be done.
Today's outing has seen a child try to trip not only me, but both of my children over in the supermarket; and a checkout lady in spotlight who must have decided that I really didn't want a nice white dish, and she has swapped the box and given me a green one; Grrrrrrr.  i do not live close to spotlight, and didn't appreciate her offer to hold the white one for only three days!

But these things are sent to try us, and now i get to relax with the family, and enjoy the evening.  Tomorrow is work (yippee!!) and then tomorrow night we are going to go and watch some live cricket at the MCG.I am looking forward to that.

I also managed today to get my engagement ring into a jeweller to get the claws fixed. On a whim I also left them my eternity ring (don't I feel bare without either of them). After getting the quote back just before, I have decided to get my engagement ring fixed as I have not been able to wear it for a couple of years now for fear of losing the diamond, and my eternity ring will have to wait.  It is the ring I have been wearing but I have been told that is not wise, so it looks like I will be swapping one ring for the other!!!  It will be nice when both are done and I can wear all of them again.  It is something to look forward to anyway.


  1. Karyn, Your bags are very clever - actually you are very clever. It is a great idea to keep them in the car.

    Speaking of the car - my goodness people are so stupid.

    I hope you have your ring back soon. I haven't worn my engagement ring for years & years. Just my wedding ring on one hand and my friendship ring on the other. Just not a jewelry person.

    Enjoy the MCG - I would love to go but its just not possible at present.

  2. Dianne, thanks for the compliment, you are very kind!
    As for the car, you can actually see how far over the white line he is - I am still gobsmacked at the idiocy of some people.
    My ring should be back in a fortnight, it will be nice to wear it again.

  3. Hi Karyn, what great bags, and an excellent idea to keep in the car, must try that!! I do hope that there is no hidden damage to your car, how stupid can some people be???????? I do hope the weather tonight will be good for you and the cricket, have fun. Also hope you are happy with the jewellery work when the ring returns home. I'm with Dian, don't wear rings much, not at all at home, only out. Happy sewing, and have a great day at work today.

  4. Great bags, Karyn. Many thanks for the tutorial link and your variation. Sounds like the way to go. I have a similar bag my mother gave me at least 25 years ago - and I stuff too! Reckon I'll try these.