Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New year

Happy New year to everyone out there. I hope the New year brings you everything you need and some of what you want! 
I have no special hopes or expectations for the New Year. No 1 son has a heavy workload at school this year, juggling year eleven subjects in his year ten at school so much of my time (and worry) will be spent on that I guess.  And running both kids to and fro in the first six months while they work on the school musical.  Then of course there is work and housework.
So, no real plans for us other than life as usual.  Hopefully a holiday later in the year but time will tell on that one.
I wish you all good health and much happiness this year. 


  1. Happy New Year Karyn. Life is always busy for you - I do hope you can fit in some crafting.

    I am hoping for a holiday in June. Fingers crossed. I hope you can find time to get away sometime too.

  2. I am sure you will be kept very busy this year Karyn. I wish the boys well for the coming school year, and the same for you and hubby, home and workwise. Thanks for being a cheerful and good friend.