Friday, January 13, 2012

More bags

Okay, I realise i am developing quite a keen bag obsession. I am hoping it is a phase (as does my husband!LOL!), but am happy to indulge it while it lasts.  Luckily for me I have friends who know about my obsession and are happy to fuel it (you know who you are ladies!!).  Due to one of these friends I found myself buying this last week, which arrived here on Tuesday.  I haven't had much time to have a thorough reading of it, something that I am planning on fixing tonight!

These are two of the patterns in it.  Not sure about the frills, I like pink and pretty but frills? Not sure.

I have been doing a lot of knitting lately (well, since starting work in June really) and have missed sewing, and just sitting at the sewing machine. I am also missing smocking which has been my major obsession but that will have to wait for a month or so.  But in an effort to just sit and sew, I may sit over the weekend and make a new bag. I bought some oilcloth recently and am waiting to find a use for it. 

My other plan for the weekend is to pull apart my new Acer tablet bag and make it wider. Grrrr. The plan was always to buy a little keyboard to use with it to make it a little easier.  I knew it would be wider than the tablet but didn't really care, in my haste to make a cover, and thought it was a bridge I would cross later.  That bridge is here!! I was going to make a new little pocket for it, I mean really, how often would I use it? But today have been wondering if I shouldn't just pull this apart and add a new strip.
You know, as I sit here and type, I am thinking of possibly going back to plan one and just make it it's own little pocket, and add some velcro to the back of the first bag so it can be joined if I so desire.   Oh, what to do?? i really should have waited!!But do i want to be carrying them both around together?  I am sure I will work out something.

P.S. I spent an hour tonight unpicking the side of the tablet bag, and adding another strip to the side. Now it fits everything in that I want it to and I am happier. I am glad I did that instead of starting over.
So now I can concentrate on the next bag!!


  1. It sounds like you found the solution to your bag! The book looks great. Love the black and white bag and no I am not a frills person either.

  2. Well done for unpicking and redoing - so hard to take that step but obviously worth it. I am a bag obsessive. They are so useful - though not in the quantities I make! I think the frills look great on the top bag - don't go much for the pink. However, all the gathering rather puts me's a great shape though.

  3. What a nice book Karyn. I love bags, and have to stop myself, or I'd have them in every type of fabric. I am sure which ever way you go, the end result will be pretty cool.

    It's a hard decision to make - unpicking and re-doing, but often the end justifies the means, and you are well served by biting the bullet and going with it. Good for you. Hope it works to your satisfaction.