Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Growing up

I can't deny the fact that my kids are growing up; the signs seem to be everywhere lately.  None more so than this past long weekend when my eldest went away for three days (two nights) to referee in a junior basketball tournament in Bendigo without parents present.
What a hard thing it was to let him go away for three days without parents and not being on a school camp, and staying in a motel. So he was essentially in an adult world where he had to sort himself out, be ready for whatever he needed to do, sort out what (and how) he was going to get for meals.  And be at each game that he needed to be at, on time and ready.
I am very proud of him and what he has achieved this weekend.  He umpired eighteen games of basketball in three days; quite an effort and has been passed for his first official referee level, so is no longer considered a trainee and can now wear the proper black and white shirts.  I am proud of how he has coped, making adult decisions.  And I am relieved that everything went well.  It is so hard to send them out into the world without us.  I think this was much harder on me than on him!!

So at the end of the three days, here he is, very tired, very hot, but happy.


  1. Congratulations to you both Karyn. It is indeed a big step, but it's obvious he's coped very well. I am sure it is due in no small part to his upbringing. They really can do what they have to........... Sorry I've been slow these past few weeks, things a bit chaotic at the moment.

  2. Eighteen games in 3 days seems like a huge thing to me. It is such a tangible achievement. Brilliant!