Sunday, January 1, 2012

it must be summer...

the obligatory cricket pitch has just been mowed, and after a very hot day that got to 34°C, it is quite nice now and the three menfolk are having a hit with the cricket bat. We have certain family rules that we play by; nothing like what you would see at the MCG!
I am sitting outside enjoying the breeze, covered in Aeroguard typing this on my new toy; an Acer tablet. it means i am not fighting for time on the computer but the down side i have just found is that blogger takes forever to upload any photos from here so i am still going to have to use the computer i think. My photos have been downsized so i am  not sure why blogger is taking so long with them.
it is back to work tomorrow; where i will enjoy the airconditioning. We dont have it here at home and with tomorrow looking like being hot too, work might be the place to be.
stay cool...


  1. Sorry to hear about the heat Karyn. Our morning is very pleasant here, and last night was quite chilly later. Our air con is still not fixed, so I am hoping this cool change will stay around until the parts arrive. Have a great day at work. Good for you getting your little piece of technology. Hopefully, Blogger will come to the party in time and realize that more and more people are using these devices. Take care.

  2. Cricket sounds great.
    42 here yesterday and 39 so far today. I've been reading, sewing and preparing embroidery projects inside. We have only intermittent WiFi. Think the router is dying. Hopefully might get fixed tomorrow.
    So frustrating to know what is possible and not be able to quite access it or make it work.

  3. Karyn, our internet has been slow lately. Maybe on a go slow for the holidays. I am interested to see how the tablet works out.

    Enjoy your day at work.