Sunday, January 8, 2012

the first finish of the year

Okay, so it is nothing vey exciting and wasn't a whole lot of work, but I did want to make a cover for my new Acer tablet, and had to wait a whole week of holidays before I could go back to work to find some pretty material.
It does have a cover, which doubles as a stand but I wanted something a little more (well, pretty) and something that might cushion it a little. So after trawling the 'net for ideas, this is what i came up with.
It has flannel on the inside; so soft and snuggly...
There is a little pocket on the inside; the perfect size for holding the little screen cleaning cloth, and anohter pocket that goes across the back, same size as the main pocket.  Not sure that I will be using that one but more is always better than less where pockets are concerned.

So, that is finish no.1 for the year. Now what i really should be doing is the hand quilting on a certain starry quilt!

BTW, it was very lucky I put my tablet away in it's new cover last night; my husband spilt his cola over where i had it sitting. Thankfully the back pocket took all the moisture, and it didn't even get into the main bit, so it is safe and sound. Hubby was worried about staining the fabric (bless him!!) while I was more worried about my tablet. All is well on both counts. 


  1. Very nice indeed Karyn, and as you've already witnessed, extremely practical!! Good for you for 'finishing' something so early in the year. I think the quilting might be asking a little too much in this weather, particularly if you don't have air conditioning. It's a scorcher here today. Cheers.

  2. i hope you manage to stay cool today Linda; i hate the heat, and i am sure there will be more to come before Summer is over.

  3. Karyn, that is so pretty and practical. Well done you.

    I am wondering though if you manage to resist spending all your pay in the shop. It certainly has expanded your creativity!

    Thanks for showing us this.

  4. Dianne, the only thing that usually stops me from spending too much of my pay in the shop is that I have so much on the go already, I couldn't possibly buy everything that I would love to. In saying that though; I am off to work today to buy enough wool (cotton actually) to knit a cardigan. Don't hold your breath though, it won't be finished for a while yet (too much on the go!)

  5. Love that Karyn! Great idea.

  6. Neat cover, Karyn. I like the story of it's first 'save'. The colours are great and the end result so practical. My kind of project! Agree you can't have too many pockets!

  7. Karyn your creations are amazing! The christening gowns are just gorgeous and you have put so much work into them. I love your little sack boys that you made too. Thanks for your help at Pick Up Stitches today - I have already cast on for my green woollen cardigan and it is knititng up nicely.